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Create A Short Sale

Your Guide Through The Short Sale Maze


In a Short Sale, a property is sold and the lenders get paid less than the full amount owed, i.e. the payment is ?short?. This is an important alternative to foreclosure because the sellers move with dignity with less damage to their credit, the buyers get a house in better condition, the neighborhood avoids a vacant, vandalized, foreclosed house and the bank makes on average 30% more money. You can help America?s financial recovery because the more short sales we do, the quicker the economic recovery. This book is designed for real estate professionals, but it will explain a short sale in detail to anyone.

This guide will get you through the short sale maze. You not only have to get the buyer and seller to agree, you have to persuade at least one bank to take a loss. You have to convince the buyer to wait through the lender?s review process. Then, there are real estate commission regulations, rules about practicing law without a license and Multiple Listing Service regulations. Even closing the sale is more complicated. This book will take you safely through the maze.

? Find out how the new Obama Plan makes short sales easier and faster
? Learn which sellers to rescue and which sellers could end your career
? Represent buyers more effectively as some short sales are great, some are terrible
? Discover which banks are good and which are horrible
? Expedite the bank?s review of your offers to speed up the approval of the sale
? Get the tools for dealing with the bank?s different departments
? Help investors and people with good credit do short sales
? Learn how to negotiate sales that have many loans and liens
? Earn a full commission, and avoid commissionectomy to get what you deserve
? Develop lifetime loyalty from the families you rescue

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